What is Chinese Medicine?

Oldest known healthcare system still in practice today             

Arose from Daoist philosophy… the observation of the natural world and the balanced inter-relationships of all its components and the human response to the forces of nature.

Application of the understanding of basic laws of nature to the pursuit of health through harmonious human interaction and participation with the internal …diet, exercise, rest, sleep & emotions… and external …weather, trauma, microbes & toxins… influences of the natural world & recognition of the inter-relatedness of phenomena to interpret and treat disease

There is no pre-set treatment strategy. Chinese Medicine (CM) treats disease at its origin where health begins, treatment progresses as you progress & changes in response to your individual response to treatment

Classical Chinese Medicine vs Traditional Chinese Medicine

Classical Chinese Medicine - oldest form… ‘barefoot doctor’…

jing-qi-shen (mind- body- spirit):

Intuitive & scholarly approach to the study & practice of CM firmly grounded in an understanding & strict adherence to the application of the principles of the classical texts… diagnosis is based on core principles of the medicine interpreted situationally and according to individual circumstance… treatment is aimed at formulating a point prescription utilizing the fewest number and combination of points possible to achieve the greatest therapeutic effect based upon the synergistic qualities & directional energies of the points, their channel locations & internal pathway connections  

Traditional Chinese Medicine - most widely practiced but relatively new subset of Classical Chinese Medicine …      

jing-qi (mind- body)…Systemized approach rooted in the classics but aimed at simplifying & streamlining Chinese Medicine study & practice toward its integration with and conformity to the parameters of the the western medical paradigm through the scholarly study of modern textbooks… diagnosis based on patterns of symptomatology… prescription ‘protocols’ for treatment based on specific actions of the points