What is Acupuncture?

Insertion of fine filiform needles into or the burning of Artemisia vulgaris (mugwort) over specific points on the body in order to influence and stimulate the body’s own natural healing properties to restore, preserve, and maintain optimal health & prevent disease

Needles pass through the skin without cutting, unlike the hypodermic needles your MD uses, so insertion is typically non painful

Traditional Oriental therapies include herbal supplementation & dietary considerations, blood letting, fire cupping, tuina & guasha (forms of soft tissue and joint manipulation), and exercise & mindfulness practices (taijiquan, ch’i kung- qi gong, wu shu- kung fu)

Modern therapies include electrical stimulation, laser and infrared heat therapies, among others


Acupuncture points are areas on the body where Qi accumulates and surfaces providing access routes to deeper pathways of circulations within the body 

They lie along Jing - channels  or external pathways of the energetic fields of the organs, or at ‘curious’ locations upon the body, and provide for direct & indirect communication and internal connections to their associated organs and structures

They are punctured & manipulated to achieve a de’qi sensation in order to effect the energetic circulations of Qi and the internal organ systems & to redirect the body’s imbalances back towards health… needles may be placed on one or both sides of the body

De’qi may manifest as a tingling or numbness, feeling of heaviness or distention, an achy or throbbing sensation, or even an electric or static shock, you may feel qi travel or even feel these sensations somewhere other than where the needle is being or is placed… these are all perfectly normal sensations! 

Manipulation of individual and groups of points have specific actions and special influence upon the internal organs, tissues, bodily fluids and substances, and various regions of the body… needles are typically retained for 20-45 minutes dependent on your disorder

Each treatment is directed toward relieving the existing conditions at the time of treatment & the contributing factors that led to the state of imbalance manifesting as disease.